Public Speaking - Theatresports - Communication - Debate - A touch of Drama - Elocution - CONFIDENCE  

Speech and Communication Tuition is a life skill, traditional speech and drama based programme, designed to create confident, clear, creative and communication savvy individuals. 

Our goal is to empower students to find, refine and develop their most powerful asset, their spoken voice. To build resilience to speak up and speak out. From nurturing a creative outlet to capturing nerves  - there is empowerment for every student at Speech and Communication Tuition.  


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"Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper shades of meaning"

- Maya Angelou

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Speech and Communication is available at a number of schools in Brisbane. We also have a studio which is open to students prep - year 12 from any school. Please click here to see our schools.

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Speech and Communication Tuition Specialises in Clear Speech, Confident Delivery and Creativity 

Speech and Communication Tuition is differentiated as we specialise in voice development, confidence building and presentation training for children and young adults. Improvisation skills, learning to think on your feet, debating, presentation skills, the importance of non-verbal communication are all topics covered within classes.
We explore reading prose, storytelling, poetry, theatresports games, spot talks, drama, sharing of ideas and support with school oral assessment. Students can participate in public speaking events and experiences to share their ideas and have a voice.

From helping a student to feel comfortable putting up their hand in class, to supporting them on stage in a competition or audition. There is something for everyone at Speech and Communication Tuition.  We pride ourselves on a programme that grows and develops with the individual, so the journey can continue throughout their schooling life. 

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Exams & Eisteddfods
Speech and Communication offers our students the opportunity to further their qualifications and skills base with AMEB Voice and Communication exams and entry into Public Speaking competitions and Eisteddfods. The opportunities are endless for those who want further challenges to perform and refine their craft!  

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“Just a quick email to thank you and the Speech and Communication team for yet another fantastic eisteddfod. Sam was so incredibly excited to get her special commendation medal. She has learning difficulties and struggles with school, so for her to be recognised for her talents and speak loud and proud on stage was such a proud moment for us. We were smiling all weekend!”

Year 3 Student

“I have been doing Speech and Communication since I was in Grade 3 and have always loved speaking in front of people. Speech has always been such a great way for me to develop my skills to use in and out of school and I can’t imagine my life without it.”

Year 12 student

"Ms Hannah I have to share a proud moments this week at two high school admission interviews. The girls lead the discussions in the room and my job was to spectate. This is the byproduct of Speech Communication and your unwavering support to them."  

Year 6 student

“The girls love Speech and Communication. A big credit to you, Ms Hannah as they never ever talk of stopping. It’s no easy task to keep teenage girls interested in an activity for this length of time. Thank you!” 

Year 8 and Year 11 students

“Thank you so much Hannah for the work you do with Mia, she loves your class and I love the confidence it gives her.”  

Year 4 student

My daughter commenced Speech and Communication in grade 4.
As the weeks progressed I noticed her confidence increasing and the oral presentation in class were no longer the frightening experience! She knew that she needed to plan her speech, practice and update it- all skills learnt from Speech and Communication. She continued with Speech and communication to High School which created an easy transition for her. I can honestly say that the weekly Speech and Communication classes were the key that helped to unlock her confidence and self esteem. 

Year 7 student

 My sincere thanks to Hannah and her team for working in such a clever way to bring the confidence of the quiet withdrawn people from the inside to be out for us all to see, whilst tapping into the girls with natural dramatic flair. Thank you!

Year 7 student

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