More so now than ever, effective and purposeful communication is essential. We need to look up from our phones and stand out from the crowd. Be comfortable conversing and networking with others and LOOK FORWARD to delivering a strong presentation on stage.

Speech and Communication offers a life skill, that no matter your age, or whether you are an avid presenter or petrified in front of an audience, you will benefit from.

Speech and Communication Tuition is differentiated from a traditional speech and drama program as we specialise in voice development, confidence building and presentation training. Improvisation skills, learning to think on your feet, debating, presentation skills, the importance of non-verbal communication are all topics covered within classes. We explore reading prose, storytelling, poetry, spot talks and sharing of ideas. We also help students prepare and practice for their school oral assessments. Lessons are imaginative and interactive, with activities based on fun exercises. We also offer participation in Eisteddfods competitions and tertiary ranked AMEB exams.

Benefits to Students

The major benefit to students from attending Speech and Communication classes is the discovery of their ‘voice’. Students learn how to use this powerful tool as well as develop essential communication skills that will help them in their future endeavors. Confidence is developed, public speaking fear replaced with excitement, vocal skills refined and overall presentations polished. The program also teaches students how to think on their feet and drive discussion and negotiation skills.

What We Work On

  • Turning nerves into positive energy
  • Skills to ENGAGE the listener
  • How to create a KILLER presentationSchool orals included!
  • Constructing the messageA mix of WHAT you say and HOW you say it /
    Who is the Audience? What is your message?
  • Conveying the messageThe power of voice including techniques to utilise tone, pitch, pace and rhythm – and – how to reduce mumbling
  • Diction and elocutionLazy versus POWERFUL Speech
  • Stance and presentationNon verbal communication counts!
    AMEB exams, eisteddfods and more!

Building confident communicators now and for the future.